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Board of Directors

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Ulster County is led by a volunteer group of community people who care about the youth and programs of their community. Both the Kingston and Saugerties Units have board of Directors and are allowed by bylaws to have a maximum of 25 members. Each member serves a three year term and there are no term limits. The makeup of the board is a reflection of the community in which they live and work. The depth of their understanding about the Club is crucial to their power as advocates and to preserving young lives. The Board serves four primary roles:

Trusteeship: The board is the active governing body of the club. Above all else, it is solely responsible for all Club actions, from protecting the mission to ensuring public accountability.

Planning: Working in partnership with the chief professional officer (CPO) as the leadership of the Club, the board must carefully set the direction and plan for the future.

Policy and Evaluation: The board is responsible for establishing policies that will govern the Club’s daily operations and ongoing activities, from programs to human resources.

Resource Development and Oversight: The board must not only exercise fiduciary oversight to protect the Club’s resources, it must also assist in raising money for the club.

The board of Directors represents the Club in all aspects and, therefore, must be concerned about relationships with various individuals, organizations, governmental agencies and groups.

The board is responsible to the community at large for operating the Club in accordance with Boys & Girls club standards. The community must be assured that the funds contributed are being properly handled and that boys and girls are benefiting from Club activities.

The strength of the organization is directly related to the strength of the board of directors. The Board Members for both the Kingston and Saugerties Units are listed below:

2016-2017 Ulster County Board 2016-2017 Saugerties Unit Board
Nina Postupack President Doug Burt President
Cheryl Bowers VP Fritz Haller VP
Christine Barnes Secretary AnneMarie Dwyer Secretary
Stephen Sickler Treasurer  Darlene Yannotty Treasurer
Dana Blackmon Brendan Amodio
Frank Campagna Pat Buono
Nick Crantz Pam Gardeski
Maureen Finch Fritz Haller
Richard Gillette Scott Helsmoortel
John Huleatt Laurie Hicinbothem
Brad Jordan Bob Karcy
Michael Jordan Ronald K. Myers
Bruce Katz Sue Worthman
Mike McNally
Rick Peruso
Kyle Potter
Jim Sass
Garry Stevens
William Stote
George Uhl
Harry Woltman
Patrick Zell