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Dennis Washington — Program Director / Kingston Unit

Dennis is a native of Kingston and a KHS graduate. He is married to Teresa Thomas Washington and has four children. (3 boys and one girl), He holds a Bachelor’s Certificate in Theological Studies from Sparrow Springs Bible College. Dennis has been working with at-risk youth since 1995. He began as a youth counselor for the Children’s Home of Kingston until 2000 when he was hired to facilitate the P.A.T.H.S. (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) program for O.A.S.A.S. (Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services) and the Kingston City School system at Myer Elementary School in Hurley, N.Y. Dennis was hired at the Boys & Girls Club in 2005 as a Teen Director and Gang Prevention Coordinator. In addition to attending several resistance education seminars, he received his Gang Awareness and Education Certification from the NYS Gang Investigators Association in July of 2008. Dennis continues his work with at risk youth outside of the club as a volunteer since 1999 at the Ulster County Jail, and an Associate Minister at the New Progressive Baptist Church in Kingston. Dennis believes our youth are our present as well as our future and working with them requires a full time commitment. Dennis is a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs Academy and a graduate of the Advanced Leadership Program of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.            ~      845-338-8666       ext. 105