Enviromental Education Trips

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As the trail widened to reveal the rocky waterfall cascading beside a steep forested slope at Falling Waters Preserve, Michael dropped his backpack opened his arms wide and exclaimed ‘Oh My God! This is SO Beautiful!’ Indeed, students who participated in any of the five weekly themed outdoor exploration trips this summer through the BGC know that Saugerties is home to two very magical forest preserves. Whether learning about wilderness survival and building shelters, rolling logs to discover communities of many-legged decomposers, skipping rocks on the Hudson River or spotting local wildlife, the Esopus Bend Nature Preserve, and Falling Waters Preserve offer adventurous young people infinite opportunity for fun and discovery.

    Through the generous support of the Esopus Bend Conservancy, Boys & Girls Club – Saugerties Unit encourages youth to participate in our outdoor education program. Time spent in nature has a myriad of benefits for the body, the spirit, and for our local community. By facilitating positive experiences in these preserves – which we like to think of as our collective backyard – it is our hope that our young participants become the stewards and advocates for these precious wild places in the future.