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For Parents

The club is a safe, fun place for kids to come. Club members pay a small fee to join the club. They are given a membership card to instill a sense of belonging. Learn more about how to become a member.

Dedicated Staff

The club has full-time, trained youth development professionals that are positive role models and mentors. The club also has part time staff for special program areas such as arts and crafts, computer and photography.

Community Support

The Boys & Girls Club is very thankful for the generous support of the community. The Board of Directors help to raise the necessary funds to keep the Club’s doors open for the youth of the community. Without the support of Parents, and of course generous contributions from supporters, we could never provide the services the kids enjoy so much.

Smiles and Friendship

Walk through the front doors of the club and you will be greeted by a sea of smiling faces! Many friendships formed at the Club last a lifetime! We have an Alumni Association who get together to recall the good old days at the Club.

Programs and Activities

The Boys & Girls Clubs is a place just for kids and teens. Club members come each day to have fun with friends, learn through a variety of programs and activities, or just find an encouraging word from Club staff. From tutoring to cooking to arts and crafts classes, music or games and sports, we have something for every young person!

The Boys & Girls Club is The Positive Place for Kids.

Click Here For Membership Application

Print out the application in the above link, fill it out, and bring it in!!