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HELP US OPEN DOORS FOR KIDS. This holiday season, you can give a gift that will make a lifetime of difference, a gift that has the power to change the future of a kid’s life forever and help us OPEN A DOOR TO A GREAT FUTURE. You now have an opportunity to support the Boys & Girls Clubs Sustaining Members Campaign and give a GIFT that will impact the futures of young people in our community.

Today’s kids face unbelievable challenges in their everyday life; bullying, poverty, violence homelessness, teen pregnancy and the ever, present lure of the gangs and drugs. The Boys & Girls Club is that special place where the magic happens to assist youth with these issues and provide a safe place with positive programming so youth can make the right choices.

Our job is becoming increasingly more difficult to accomplish. The new problems of texting, sexting, you tube and social media have brought a whole new spectrum of issues that face youth today. Youth want to fit in, to be part of something and sometimes make poor decisions to reach these needs. These things combined with the unending stream of funding cuts from government and private sources makes it more and more difficult to provide the needed services to help us OPEN OUR DOORS and help youth have GREAT FUTURES.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Kingston serves over 550 youth members in Kingston and 400 youth members in Saugerties who take part in educational, recreational, physical, social and preventive programs designed to help them grow into successful leaders and citizens.

Our year end Sustaining Membership Program, which was initiated back in the 1950’s, is critical to make the difference between keeping the club doors open and being able to mount a full range of quality programs.

We hope you can provide a meaningful gift this holiday season to help a kid have a GREAT FUTURE.

  • You may donate any amount you wish. Here are our Membership Categories based on the amount donated:

    Honorary: $1000 and up
    Benefactor: $500 to $999
    Sponsor: $250 to $499
    Donor: $100 to $249
    Associate: $25 to $99

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